Castiglione di Sicilia

Castiglione di Sicilia

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The Exhibiting Cellars

The Exhibiting Cellars

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In 2008 Andrea Franchetti, an eclectic pioneer in the field of wine, transformed a visionary idea into the most important wine festival on Etna. Thus was born “Contrade dell’Etna”, an intuition, characterized by a strongly convivial imprint, that wants to bring together local producers in the ritual of “en premieur”, directly imported from the historic tradition of Bordeaux. The first edition hosted a few producers, captivated by the histrionic personality of Franchetti, owner of both the Etna company “Passopisciaro” and the Tuscan “Tenuta di Trinoro”. The idea is simple and yet brilliant: give new life to a land with a secular tradition,Etna.

Le Cantine


The Founder

Andrea Franchetti, born in 1949, was a free spirit and an undisputed and pure talent in wine production.

He was born in New York but mostly lived in Rome; he managed throughout his life to never curb his desire to grow, discover and experiment. He was always searching for new challenges, which he faced with unstoppable enthusiasm and energy. After spending many years between America and Italy, Franchetti settled in the late 80’s in Val d’Orcia, a desolated countryside on the Tuscan-Lazio border. An important decision that led him to fall in love with that land where he spent 25 years. Totally immersed in nature, he decided to approach the world of wine and after a period of training in Bordeaux, where his innate talent was brought to light, he produced the first vintage of Tenuta di Trinoro in 1997.

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